Sho'men Swim Club is a competitive youth swim team located in Chestertown, MD. We are in the Delmarva Swim League and we practice at the Casey Swim Center located at Washington College.


What about those meets?

Approximately 1-2 weeks prior to each meet, the meet coordinator will send you an email from  The team asks that at least one parent/guardian per family sign up for a job at each meet.  If each family signs up for one thing, the meet runs smoothly and everyone will have time to watch their children swim their events.  If not, things fall apart quickly and we get many unhappy parents.  Thank you in advance for helping!


The jobs include:

  • Timers (9 people each half)

  • Back-up timers (1 each half)

  • Runners (1 each half) 

  • Scorekeepers (2 each half) 

  • Ribbons (2 each half) 

  • Concessions (2 each half) 

  • Stroke/turn judges (4 per meet) 

  • Official/starters (2 per meet),

  • Lineup parents for ages 6-10 (12 per meet) 


If you sign up and forget what job you have, the final list will be posted in the lobby during the meet. 

The heat sheets (final list of events and schedule for the meet) will be available on the web as soon as they are available – normally the day prior to the meet.  Please print it out at home for reference during the meet and mark your child’s arm with their events before they arrive at the pool. Most swimmers mark their forearms with a sharpie listing 3 columns titled E/H/L (event/heat/lane). Please let us know if you have questions.

As a reminder for parents of the younger kids – you are responsible for getting your children to the lineup parents.  They will help place kids in line at the block but will not track them down before events.

Ribbons will be available for pickup in the ribbon box during the first practice after each meet.  Swimmers should not take them home with them on meet day.